Saturday, 14 December 2013

Joining the 4th Annual Painting Challenge

Some of you may have heard about Curt Campbell’s 4th Annual Analogue Hobbies Painting Challenge.

I expect a few of you have even taken part! Well, this year I have decided to unofficially join in the fun too. I say 'unofficially' as formal entries have closed - Curt can only keep track of so many painters, plus preference is (rightly) given to those who have successfully taken part before.

For those not entirely familiar with the challenge, the basic idea is that for each model you paint between the start and end dates, you accrue a certain number of 'points' depending upon the scale and type of the figure. You begin by declaring a target number of points. To add to the fun there are some bonus rounds where you can gain extra points by painting a themed set of models.

The challenge doesn't kick off until Sunday 15th December 06:01 GMT and runs until 20th March 06:01 GMT. Models can be built and prepared before the start date but no painting is allowed! Everything works on an honesty system, well what else would you expect of gentleman* wargamers.
(*and ladies too of course!)

My first task is to establish a reasonable target! This should be achievable yet still challenging. Having looked at my collections and bearing mind other potential commitments I decided on ... trumpet fanfare please ...


I shall need to get busy with those brushes!

First on the list will be some 20mm French Napoleonic infantry for chum Steve. Then hopefully it will be on to the Austro-Hungarians for The Great War. A good thing about the challenge is that any figures will count, rather than having to be part of the same collection.

Please feel free to provide "encouragement" :o)


Andrew Saunders said...

good to see you entering into the spirit Matt!! I shall be following with interest

Paul of the Man Cave said...

I too will follow your progress with interest.

I'm up for 500 points too so lets see how we go mate!

Matt said...

Thanks Chaps!

Much appreciated.

Will keep an eye on your efforts too.



Moiterei_1984 said...

Great news! You really show the right spirit. Good look with your challenge and I'll have a look for your progress.

Sidney Roundwood said...

Matt, great to have you shadowing us as we (at least, I) lumber along!

Curt C said...

This is fabulous! I'm delighted you're joining in on the fun. I do hope you can get stuck-in next time the Challenge rolls out.

Matt said...

Again, many thanks :o)

Right - back to the brushes!