Sunday, 3 November 2013

Wargames Table in the Press

OK, it's not exactly a direct mention but I can say that some of my figures have appeared in the latest 'Miniature Wargames / Battlegames', specifically some of my Great War British.

Scarab Miniatures supremo Rob Broom has written a rather good article for the 'Command Challenge' topic, all about the battle for Papadopoli Island on the River Piave; part of the war on the Italian front in 1918. This lesser known theatre of the Great War has some very interesting history and is often overlooked in favour of the western front. A great article and a thought provoking scenario - definitely worth reading!

As you can see from the photo I also picked up the latest 'Medieval Warfare' and 'Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy'. The former because it has several good articles on the Danish conquest of England; the latter because it's still my favourite all-round wargaming magazine.

Happy reading!

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