Saturday, 23 November 2013

Austro-Hungarians for The Great War

For a long time I've rather liked the look of Scarab Miniatures Austro-Hungarian range. A while back I bought a few packs to use as Stormtroops in my 1918 German army. However, after reading more widely about the Great War I've decided to collect an army that did not regularly appear on the Western Front (although I believe some AH troops were stationed around Verdun near the end of the war).

These figures are wonderfully dynamic, detailed and full of character. They've been a joy to paint, especially as I decided to try out the 'dip/wash' technique I used on my Dark ages armies.

Here's an officer with trusty walking stick, bristling moustache and pistol, accompanied by two Austro-Hungarian Storm-troopers. (Please note my lighting/camera/inability-to-take-decent-photos have resulted in some shine on the figures, but they actually have a nice matt finish)

The officer and NCO.

Officer and Private.

An angle that hopefully the enemy will not see too often ;o)

Painting Recipe
Start with a white undercoat - make sure the figures have any last mould lines totally removed or the dip/wash will really make them stand out!
Apply block colours as follows - ensure you have an even coat.
Uniform - Foundry Granite Mid
Puttees - Either Foundry Granite Light or Foundry Drab Light
Rifle - Foundry Spearshaft Shade
Skin - Foundry Flesh Mid
Grenade Bags - Foundry Boneyard Mid
Leather/Wood - Variety of Foundry Deep Brown Leather Mid, Spearshaft Shade and Bay Brown Mid
Metals - very faint highlight with GW Boltgun Metal

Wash with Army Painter Strong Tone using a brush to ensure a thin, even coat. Then leave to dry for at least 24hrs!

Apply a matt varnish. I use a W&N 'brush on' variety. If spraying then make sure the area is well ventilated and warm/dry to avoid clouding.

Then apply some quick highlights, mostly using the original base colour. For the skin I did an extra highlight of Foundry Flesh Light. Any black areas tend to look better for a light highlight with dark grey.

Spending a few extra minutes picking out details such as moustaches or gas mask eye pieces is well worth the effort.

Basing Recipe
Attach figures to Warbases 25mm round 2mm thick bases with super glue.
Using good quality PVA (slightly thinned with water) glue sand and grit to the base.
Base coat the sand with Vallejo Leather Brown, then highlight with Flat Earth, Tan Yellow and finally Dark Sand.
The flock is GW Scorched Grass. Finish off with a few grass tufts or clump foliage.

I've painted the base edges black as having seen the splendid figures on Sidney's blog (Roundwood's World - see link on right) I think it sets the base off nicely against the table.

Right! I'd better paint a few more... oh wait a minute - I need to get the Hobbit set painted up for a Chrimbo present! Look out for more A/H troops in a few weeks.


Moiterei_1984 said...

Very well done! Your painting recipe reads so easy but the results look great.

The Wilde Goose said...

Those are very nice. I've been looking at the Scarab figures for a while now for some games based on the battles at the river Piave.

Dan Vincent said...

Lots of character their. Like the moustache and the big smile.

Rodger said...

Great looking fig's and a wonderful paint job there Matt!

Phil said...

Lovely work!

Wargame News and Terrain Blog, said...

Nice work, thanks for sharing the used paints.

Kind regards