Sunday, 27 October 2013

Gaming Weekend - Part 2 - The Great War

Here as promised is part 2 of our gaming weekend!

Sunday and Dave, Rob, Phil, Steve and myself all geared up for another play-test of Rob's "The Big Push" rules. They're still at a very early stage so we were all prepared to adjust things as we went along.

The basic premise of the game was that during the 1918 German 'Spring Offensives', a British battalion has become engulfed by the overwhelming attacks and was holed up in a strong defensive position. A combined force of British and French were trying to halt the Germans and relieve the beleaguered British.

I commanded the lone British battalion whilst Dave and Phil led the relieving British and French forces, respectively. Rob and Steve donned monacles to become German High Command.

Here's the table. My British would be in and around the fortified hill in the foreground whilst Dave and Phil would begin behind the distant hedge/tree-line. The Germans were deployed broadly diagonally across the table in and around the buildings and woods.

A closer shot of the further end of the table. The tree line is actually Phil's "Plugstreet Wood" terrain - very nice!

A lovely ruined building from Phil's collection. I should also point out that his craters were based on dining table place-mats - hope Mrs Phil didn't mind!

The front yard. What estate agents might describe as "making good use of natural light" and "in need of some renovation" ;o)

Another item from Phil's ruined property empire. Again, "compact and bijou" with "plenty of opportunity for open air dining"?

More Plugstreet Wood terrain.

Anyway, on to the game! Here's my British crammed in to "The Hill". Fine fellows eh?

Steve's Germans begin their advance from the buildings.

And from the woods! Yikes but there's "faaawsands of 'em!" (oops! Wrong conflict)

Here are Phil's French. True to form he/they begun the battle by having a long lunch and snooze. ;o)

Phil's reinforcements moving up the line.

On the other side of the ruined farm house the Germans have placed the support weapons in the yard to hold off the relieving British and French.

The relentless German attack continues. The British just couldn't seem to mow enough of them down with the HMGs.

On the right of the surrounded British Rob's Stormtroopers advance across cratered ground ably supported by two HMGs in the small ruined cottage.

Hooray for dear old Blighty! Here comes Dave's force! Up and at 'em lads!

Cavalry leap the barricades and bravely advance to take their lances and sabres to the Germans! Dave has done a lovely job converting these to be Indian "British" troops - if you look closely you can see the turbans. Great work!

The Germans close in on the British.

These Assault Troops were not delayed long by the wire, plus the chaps in the crater were giving good supporting fire.

Rob's Stormtroopers ... storming the sandbag barricades! (and showering the plucky Brits in grenades.)

The Germans have breached the hill's defences and some of the Tommies are retreating! Oh dear. I think it's time to put the kettle on.

Now please forgive the fact that most of my shots are of my end of the table. With five of us in my gaming room along with a 9' x 4' table (and a piano!) it was a bit cramped! Plus a few of us are more generously proportioned (I prefer the term "well built") than others.

The game was played with great bonhomie and, most importantly, much fun was had by all. Rob was pleased to get plenty of feedback on this version of the basic mechanics. Although there is still some tweaking required!

Finally, no party is complete without balloons ... just don't ask. Really.

The end result? Well, I suppose it would have to be called a winning draw for the Germans. As we closed the game Rob and Steve's Germans were over-running the hill. Phil's French were held mostly to their starting positions. Dave's brave attack had made good progress but his forces still had a long way to go to reach my British.


Paul Robinson said...

Excellent looking game.

Moiterei_1984 said...

Looks like an entertaining game!

Paul of the Man Cave said...

What a splendid collection of troops and terrain!

Rodger said...

That looked fantastic Matt!

Matt said...

Thanks chaps! :o)

But I really do need to get around to giving my plain, uniform brown battlefield cloth a little more depth.



Francis Lee said...

Great looking and sounding game Matt and who doesn't like balloons?