Friday, 6 September 2013

My First Germans

At long last I have started painting my Great War German army for the Western Front!

As with any new gaming project I like to paint a couple of test figures first, just to make sure I've got the colours right, etc.

Here's a soldier and a junior officer.

From behind.

The figures are Great War Miniatures.

Painting scheme was
1. Black undercoat
2. Uniform, Foundry Granite Shade, then Foundry Granite mid.
3. Skin, Foundry Flesh, shade, mid, light
4. Blanket, Foundry Rawhide shade, then mid.
5. Leather, various colours but Foundry Bay Brown shade, followed by a mix of Bay mid and Foundry Scarlet gave a good rich leather finish. Also used Foundry Deep Brown Leather, and Vallejo Leather Brown.
6. Boots & belts, quick highlight with Foundry Slate Grey shade.
7. Pistol & Rifle, very light highlight with GW Boltgun metal.

All comments welcome! Do you think the "field grey" uniform is about right? Thanks to Ray Earle for the tip about the Foundry colour.

They took a while to paint but that was because I kept stopping to re-consider colours, etc. They are certainly easier to paint than the British!

I also chose a slightly more subdued basing scheme which I think somehow seems to suit the figures better?

Anyway, lots more to go! I'm planning to start with a 1918 Sturmabteilung force for WHW's The Great War rules. More about the force in a later post.


Rodger said...

Very very nice Matt. I do like the Great War Miniatures figures and these look great!

Grimsby Mariner said...

Very nice work. German grey is difficult with representations going from a green through to purple base.

Grimsby Mariner said...

Very nice work. German grey is difficult with representations going from a green through to purple base.

Sidney Roundwood said...

Matt, they're excellent. Really super. They're good just as they are.

I looked around for ages online when I started doing Great War Germans n 28mm. As you almost certainly know, there are LOT of posts on TMP and elsewhere about the actual colour of Feldgrau. (Lots of discussion about the quality of fabric dyes, weathering, batches of cloth and the like.......sound familiar?)

I recall a lot of them saying that Feldgrau was a lot more green in the First World War than the Second. I added the green-based Vallejo German Uniform to Vallejo Dark Grey to get my Feldgrau. That makes it come out a lot more green, but it is a lot more of a hassle doing that. In the end, if I started again, I would probably have gone down your route as I think your chaps look every inch as good! Hope that helps!

Matt said...

Thank you chaps! Much appreciated :o)

@Sidney - yes I recall your splendid posts about painting your Germans - very helpful indeed! I have also read that the earlier uniforms were rather more green/grey than grey. I did a test figure using Foundry Slate Grey - but my wife remarked that "it looks like a French uniform?". I just wanted to find a method that involved as little mixing up of colours as possible.



DeanM said...

Great (War) looking troops! Excellent start. Best, Dean

Phil said...

Great poses and very nice paintjob!

Matt said...

Many thanks chaps! Looking forward to getting my first platoon ready.


Keith said...

Fantastic Stuff Matt, you just need to paint the gasmask lenses now ;-)

Matt said...

Ooooh! You cheeky wotsit ;o)

Thanks Keith! Any suggestions for how to paint the lenses would be much appreciated.