Monday, 16 September 2013


Or more accurately; what I bought at Colours! Ahem ... due to what are best termed “camera issues” I’m afraid I haven’t got any pics from the show itself, even of our demo game of War & Conquest :o(
However, I have linked to some pics from other blogs plus I thought you might be interested to hear a little bit about the show.

As you probably know it’s a two day show, but we only attended for the Saturday, which from experience is the day the majority of people seem to attend. Fellow Scarab chum and I staged a demo game of War & Conquest (Saxons vs Vikings at The Battle of Ashingdon) whilst Rob manned the Scarab stand.

This year we were in the Annexe which is a separate building about 25m from the main grandstand. The only real issue seemed to be a lack of clear signage in the main show area letting attendees know that there was more to see in the Annexe.

Anyway, in between slaughtering each other in what proved to be a splendid Dark Ages battle, I had a very quick dash around the tables and trade stands.

One of the highlights for me was BigRedBat’s Thapsus game, superb figures and terrain, plus I was delighted to be able to meet the man himself for a quick chat. Certainly good to be able to put a face to the blog. Hopefully catch up with you at some future shows too.

Another highlight was being introduced to Sidney Roundwood. After corresponding via the blogosphere for some time now it was a pleasure to meet up and have a chat. Look forward to seeing you at a Great War gaming day some time :o)  Sidney has a good report of the show on his excellent blog.

My purchases this year were quite modest compared to previous shows, a very recent bill of more than £600 when my car failed it’s MOT saw to that!!

First up were some paints. Some general purpose "leather" colours from Foundry, plus some lighter colours for use on basing as my old GW pots are running out.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, I bought some more Germans from Rob. This is the command and support weapons in gas masks pack, plus a pack of casualties - ideal as pinned markers or just as (slightly macabre?) decoration for the table.

Phil has made some superb W&C Push and Shove markers by creating mini vignettes on these Warbases items. Next time we get together I'll make sure I get some pics as they're splendid and certainly drew plenty of praise from people viewing our game.

Passing the Conquest Games stand I just couldn't resist getting these two lovely command figures. But alas my Norman army is still lurking unassembled in boxes.

Finally I picked up a couple of Great War themed packs of "scenic clutter" from Grand Manner that caused quite a bit of discussion and interest with Phil and Rob. Both are sets of crates, ammunition, weapons, helmets, grenades, etc. The first is for the Germans.

This is the British version. They'll be ideal for a range of things such as adding extra detail to bases and scenery, objectives markers, etc. Each set is about £6.50.

Chatting with Dave at GM he explained that he started with sets for ANZACs and Turks when he built the Gallipoli table for Salute a few years back and decided that gamers with other armies would also like suitable packs.

That's about it, other than to promise to get some proper pictures at the next show I attend!


BigRedBat said...

Was great to meet. Love that clutter!

Cheers, Simon

Dalauppror said...

Looks like a greate haul !

Best regards Michael

Bedford said...

I think I may have taken a liking to the Conquest miniatures metals- if you don't mind me asking, how do they compare in size and bilk to Crusader?


Dannoc said...

Nice haul there - especially the conquest figures, very nice,
Cheers Dan

Ray Rousell said...

A nice little haul, and why do's car's always fail the MOT before a show?

The Kiwi said...

Sounds like you had a good time.
Hmmmm. I have plenty of Conquest plastic Normans. I may want (need) to get some of the metal figures after seeing these two.

Matt said...

@Bedford - The metals are very good indeed. Heightwise I think they are very similar, but they are 'slightly' more slender. Some of the Crusader figures can be quite "beefy". If I had some crusader cav then I'd post up a comparison, but I've only a few infantry.



Sidney Roundwood said...

Fantastic to meet you Matt. I'm going to rush and check out that clutter now!

Blogger said...

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