Sunday, 28 July 2013

Viking Inspiration from GB

Crumbs, but these new Viking figures from GB's new Shieldwall range have really caught my interest!

In particular, the two central figures could make a splendid diorama if I can source a few similarly dynamic Saxons. I can see the bare-chested fellow fending off one opponent with his shield whilst he despatches another with his sword!


You may have noticed that the old Wargames Table has been a bit quiet recently...? Well, I've been feeling a bit 'low' with regard to gaming for a while now if I'm honest. To be honest the Roman Fort posts were a bit of a filler in that I couldn't find the motivation to do anything else. Every time I've tried to arrange a game or a show (or even a proper painting session) something has intervened, whether it's work :o(, broken teeth (no joke!), illness, weather or DIY, etc. Whatever; it has led to a total collapse of enthusiasm - in fact for a while I wondered if I should just pack it all up and flog everything on Ebay!?

With the Summer holiday to France looming (staying near the Chemins des Dames) I decided that what I needed was a bit of shot in the arm in terms of wargaming. To this end I've ordered "Dux Bellorum" and "In Her Majesty's Name" from Osprey to read on hols.

I already have quite a few 'Arthurian' figures so should be able to get playing quite quickly if I like the game. As for IHMN, that's simply something a bit different! Haven't got any suitable figure, but what the heck!?

Other reading will include books 4-6 of Harry Sidebottom's excellent Warrior of Rome series.

I've really enjoyed the first three books. For those not familiar, they're set in the Middle Imperial era, i.e. around AD260-ish, and principally in the east. Well written and exciting, just what a chap needs!

I may also take some figures/paints on hols, but at the moment I haven't quite figured out what I'd like. I may take some Saga Normans, or some Romano British for Arthurian gaming, or perhaps something else - or may be nothing at all. Will see how I feel before we go.

Anyway, for those who do still have their 'mojo' ;o) ... Happy Gaming!

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Dalauppror said...

Good post !

The new GB Vikings are indeed interesting, I to have thought of using them for my new viking warband.

I hope you will have a good summer and some good reading.

Best regards Michael