Wednesday, 19 June 2013

More Trees

Following the recent success with fir and deciduous trees, I decided to branch out (groan!) and make some Palm Trees.

The green foliage in the following picture seems to have gone a bit "luminous" in the photos, but it was actually a mid-shade of green!?

They were made from some bits and bobs I found in the garage and study, so they were something of an experiment. They are actually for my eldest to use in her homework project on desert environments.

Here's an old White Dwarf article explaining how they're made.

I wrapped the trunks of my trees using masking tape (the paper tape used to protect edges when painting), the sprayed them brown and washed on some ink. A darker green for the leaves and some more detail on the bases would help, but for a 'first go' I think they're fine.

1 comment:

Keith said...

Great Stuff Matt, I've used teddy bear Fur for the Fronds before