Thursday, 16 May 2013

Saxon Womenfolk

Every Saxon village needs ... some villagers! So here's a group of Saxon women and children. That old biddy in the centre looks to be a fearsome old battleaxe!

The figures are a mix of GB villagers and Perry pilgrims.

Whilst they do not actively take part in the game, so to speak, I do like to have civilians and casualty vignettes to add some extra detail to the table.


tidders said...

Delightful additions - will help 'dress' the gaming table

-- Allan

Dalauppror said...

Stunning work !

I realy like the bright colors !

best regards Michael

Moiterei_1984 said...

Very nice. Seems like I'll have to order from GB sometime in the future.

DeadGuy said...

Think I'm married to the middle one in the top pic!!

Phil said...

Very nice looking figures!!

Engel said...

I to love the addition on civilians and extra things to a gaming table.

Millsy said...

Really nice and good to see some members of the "general public" making an appearance. I've got the top set as well but you've done a much better job with yours!

PS. I'm finding your site really inspirational at present and pinching a LOT of your terrain ideas. I hope you think of it as a form of flattery ;-)


The Kiwi said...

Even Dark Age warriors must have a "she who must be obeyed". Thye look excellent and will make a dark age table look even more awesome.

Matt said...

Many thanks chaps! I'm glad you like the figures.

@Millsy - please do "pinch" away! One of the key reasons I blog is to share ideas, so thanks for posting a comment.

Matt :o)

Keith said...

Fantastic Stuff Matey :-)

The Extraordinarii said...

You could always use them as objective markers for certain raid scenarios

Matt said...

@Keith - Thank you!

@The Extraordinarii - good idea!