Sunday, 5 May 2013

Legionary 2013 - Exeter

For the second year running, we teamed up with Scarab Miniatures to put on a demo game at Exmouth Imperials "Legionary" show. We took basically the same game as we put on at "Crusade" in January, the Battle of Ashingdon 1016 (so apologies if you've seen similar pics from that battle!). I also took some pics of another game that looked very interesting.

Here are King Edmund's Saxons facing off Cnut's Danes.

The Danish lines.

These poor Saxons didn't quite get away from the raiders in time.

The Saxon lines.

Let battle commence!

As before, the Vikings had a slight advantage in terms of troops, but the Saxons had a good defensive position around the hill.

Interestingly it took Rob and I the entire day to play the game (which Rob won rather convincingly!); this was because so many gamers came up to chat with us about War & Conquest, the battle itself, plus a host of other topics. This is what makes these days such fun. So a big 'Thank You' to all of you who took the time to visit our table!

A nearby demo game really caught my attention. Hopefully you can see why.

It was an "alternative history" inter-war game, set the 1930's I think, very much along the lines of "A Very British Civil War".

It was packed with lovely terrain and characterful miniatures.

Plus the guys playing the game were very friendly and clearly keen to talk about their game and hobby.

There were a range of other demo and participation games but I had very little time to spend at them, plus I forgot to take any pics. Doh!? These included a very good looking 15mm Muskets & Tomahawks game. I barely had time to make a quick tour of the trade stands, more this year than last I'm pleased to report.

My friend Steve has a better range of pics on his blog here, or follow the link on the RHS.

All in all, a good show with a friendly atmosphere. In fact the only minus point was the twit with the microphone during the raffle. What is it about some people when they're handed a public address system! ;o)


Dalauppror said...

Very nice looking game !

Best regards Michael

Ray Rousell said...

Some great looking games!

The Extraordinarii said...

Am liking the game you guys set up, Danes vs Saxons, the miniatures look sweet as man.