Thursday, 18 April 2013

Three Kingdoms - More "fighting"

Keen to get things going, Dave and I played a second game of SAGA. This time I led my Bret... ahem... Normans against his Welsh. But things did not quite go according to plan.

A letter from Guillame de Reblochon to his cousin Baron Alain de Chavignol in Winchester

"Dearest Cousin,

I have bribed one of my guards to bring you this letter. Please ensure that he is amply rewarded as he could prove to be a valuable spy; ever have the Welsh been ready to turn their coats for gold.

As you know I set forth with the intention of teaching the Saxon pigs a lesson after they were almost caught poaching deer in my woodlands. But we then heard tales of Welsh raiders led by the vagabond Caradoc ap Theoden who had crossed the Saefern and ambushed Hrothgar Godwinson. (Remember him? One day I shall cut out his chitterlings!). We heard the Welsh were so laden with gold that they had been forced to leave some of it hidden in a nearby deserted village - another Saxon pig-sty by all accounts.

We approached cautiously yet were seen by their look outs. Perhaps they were expecting trouble from the Saxons? Some of my men were tricked in to a headlong rush in to the village by shouts and taunts from the Welsh. Fools! They were cut to pieces before we could reach them. We doubled back around a wood where I hoped to best Caradoc in noble, single combat. Alas, the sky was darkened by showers of javelins from their almost numberless cavalry. This was no mere raid; it was an army, a horde!

Bravely we fought but their numbers prevailed. My knights and crossbowmen were cut down and, despite slaughtering a good number of the enemy, I was eventually beaten and captured.

I have promised Caradoc that I am worth far more alive and that you will pay a rich ransom. So hurry dear Cousin and bring your men west, but with weapons instead of gold. My new 'ally' will guide you so look after him.


Here's what happened...

A nice simple Clash of Warlords to see who was the best. The Welsh started in the village where they had been celebrating a "win" against the Saxons by drinking ale and bothering the local livestock. Guillame's plan was simple... C-h-a-r-g-e!!! Well, he is a Norman after all.

The picture above shows the field after the Normans have advanced in their first turn. Guillame, with his fellow knights, intended to head straight for Caradoc whilst his mounted warriors held off the Welsh left. But alas the Welsh rolled a few dreaded "dragons" on their Saga dice and promptly taunted the lighter Norman cavalry forward a full 12". (Possibly with comments about Elderberries? ;o)).

This put them well within javelin range of several Welsh units. The few warriors that survived the clouds of sharp, pointy sticks were cut down by the Welsh Teulu. Not a great start for the Normans.

With the Welsh taking control on the Norman right, Guillame headed back around the woods with his knights whilst his crossbow armed warriors held the centre. The larger number of Norman elite must surely prevail?

There's a reason that I didn't take any more pictures ... that's because it was all over so quickly!! The Welsh used some good combos of SAGA abilities whilst I rather mishandled my SAGA board. The result was a crushing win for the Welsh. I must admit (somewhat grudgingly ;o)) that Caradoc was the hero of the field. The bards will have a great time composing this battle song.

To make things more interesting we agreed that, as Guillame had fought so bravely (if perhaps rather briefly), then he would be captured rather than slain.

Another good game against a splendid opponent! Orange Dave played really well and the first games of the campaign have given me much to consider, as well as being great fun! Will Alain head west to save his kin? Will another Welsh faction try to grab Guillame and gain the ransom? Maybe the Vikings will appear on the scene?


Wargame News and Terrain Blog, said...

Interesting battle report thanks for sharing this and the great pictures.

David Stone said...

Another excellent battle report Matt.

Keep them coming - the reports and the troops to the slaughter.