Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Saxon / Roman Dilemma

Oh what fickle creatures we wargamers can be!

I've been struggling to make a start on my latest project, Caesar's Legions. This, I deemed, was due to having moved house only very recently; and that is certainly a big part of the equation. But I've been wondering if there was another reason? ... and there is. Yes dear readers, I must admit that I haven't quite got the Dark Ages gaming bug out of my system yet!

This epiphany came yesterday evening whilst sorting out some boxes of figures in my new Man Cave(tm). I discovered some carefully wrapped Saxon figures from Gripping Beast's Dark Age civilian and Casualties & Killers ranges all prepped and ready to paint. First thought "Ooh lovely, must paint those!" rather than "Ooh must put those some where safe until I've completed my Romans".

Hmmm ... ?

To be fair there are some more pragmatic considerations too. In early May we hope to be taking the Saxon-Viking game to Legionary (Exeter) and I'd really like to have some extra civilians and other dioramas ready to add more Dark Ages atmosphere to the table. There's also the vague possibility of a magazine article later in the year - definitely want all of the extra bits and pieces ready for that if it goes ahead!

And yes, I have seen GB's latest offering. Plastic Dark Age Warriors along with the new Shieldwall range, not to mention a forthcoming range of new Vikings! Again, I found my self thinking "must get some of those!".

Does this mean that my latest purchase will be swept in to a dusty corner? No! (By which I mean 'yes', but only until I finish off these Dark Ages figures - approximately thirty or so)

I really do want to get started on my new Romans, but I just have to properly finish off my Saxons first. This is something of a new concept here at the Wargames Table.

So whilst I know that the Dark Ages are perhaps not everyone's "cup of tea", I do hope that you'll bear with me as I continue my journey through 10th and 11th century England.

Happy Gaming!


David said...


Any information on the forthcoming new Vikings that you mention in your post.

Matt said...

Alas, only what's on the GB website, which is tantalisingly vague!



David said...

Thanks Matt - was hoping that was another new range of Vikings as well as the new Shieldwall Miniatures range. I have read that the owner of Shieldwall Miniatures is intending to bring out a range of Saxons.


The Kiwi said...

Awesome. Thanks for the link to that. I like plastic and plastic Levy will add a lot of options to my Saga forces. Brilliant. Hope they come out soon.

legatus hedlius said...

Not seen these Shieldwall figures before. Some Saxons would be welcome as I don't think there are any really nice Late Saxons in 28mm...