Friday, 22 March 2013

New Romans from Warlord

We have moved at last! What better way to celebrate than to start a brand new army?! After all one more box around here will hardly notice.

As you have already seen, Warlord have launched another range of Romans! This time it's "Caesar's Legions". I've purchased three boxes plus some Numidian light cavalry. I thought some of my readers might like to see some pics and read my mini review?

There are 24 figures to a box, equipped with either gladius or pilum (one weapon type per box). Pricing is very reasonable at £18 per box and Warlord are doing some good 3 & 6 box deals.

First impressions were very good. The detail is finely sculpted and crisply moulded. As with most plastic figures there are some fine mould lines to remove. Assembly is easy; the body includes legs and a shield arm, so you need only add a weapon arm and a head. There are two similar sprues, command and rank & file. Each has four figures plus appropriate arms, shields, etc. There are also enough slings to equip half the figures if you want some tough skirmishers. There are four different bodies, four weapon arms and six heads, so plenty of variety.

In order to give you a sense of their size, at least when compared to other Roman figures, I've taken a few pics with the figures alongside Aventine and Black Tree Early Imperial Romans (I don't have any other 'earlier' Romans). All are clickable.

Aventine, Warlord, BTD, Warlord, BTD

Warlord, BTD, Warlord, Aventine, Warlord

Some closer shots

Aventine, Warlord

BTD, Warlord

Aventine, Warlord

I really like these new plastic figures! I haven't quite settled upon the best way to paint them yet, either dipped/washed or a more conventional layering approach? I may paint a few in each style and see which I prefer.

Anyway, better get on with the unpacking! Hope you found the review useful.


legatus hedlius said...

This is useful. Thanks!

Dalauppror said...

Thanks for a good review and greate comparison pictures !

Best regards Michael

GuitarheroAndy said...

Those are quite nice minis. I do like the late Republican Roman era...lots of varied foes to fight.

Kev at the Cabin said...

I think the plastics are getting better and better.
These look ace.

Quentin said...

Miniature figure manufacturers - what have they ever done for the Romans?

I won't ask that now.