Saturday, 16 March 2013

Latest Painting - WIP

All rather hectic here recently but I have managed to squeeze in a little painting time before my paints had to be packed away.

As mentioned before I have a few Dark Age figures to finish off before I return to all things Roman. Here they are.

First some Bondi for my wife's army. I'll be getting some large LBMS transfers for those shields.

As you can see they are block painted with some highlighting on items such as the hair and metals. The dip/wash is packed.

Apologies about the rather poor quality photos, I was in a bit of rush!

Next some Bondi Archers.

And again.

Now some Perry archers (from their Crusaders range). I thought these would be useful for a variety of Dark Age settings.

To make it clear they are skirmishers I've based them on 25mm circular bases.


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Phil said...

Nice figures!