Saturday, 12 January 2013

Saxon & Viking Personalities

It's been a bit quiet here on the Wargames Table recently, but now the rest of the figures are starting to roll off the production line! But first, an introduction...

Throughout this year we (my wife and I) hope to be able to present a Saxons vs Vikings demo game of "The Battle of Ashingdon" using War & Conquest. We'll be attending a number of shows - though the exact schedule has yet to be confirmed with Rob at Scarab. However, our first outing will be to Crusade 2013 in Cardiff later this month.

The Battle of Ashingdon (or Assandun) was fought on the 18th October 1016 and was to become an important - yet little acknowledged - battle in the history of England. The Saxons of King Edmund II "Ironside" and the Danish Vikings of Prince Cnut of Denmark had fought a lengthy and grueling campaign across southern England for more than a year when they met at Ashingdon on south Essex. The exact events leading up to the battle are, as is typical for the era, vague at best - even the location is disputed with Ashdown in north Essex!

The battle itself was a decisive defeat for Edmund, who may have been badly wounded during the fighting. Due to the infamous treachery of the Mercian Ealdorman Eadric Streona, the Danish triumphed and Edmund was forced to agree a treaty dividing England with Cnut with the caveat that should one die the other would rule all of England. Edmund died just weeks later on 30th November, possibly from injuries inflicted in the battle. Prince Cnut of Denmark became King Cnut (or Canute as some prefer) of England, heralding the beginning of Anglo-Danish England.

Anyway, enough waffle, here are some of personalities.

King Edmund II "Ironside"

Edmund's Draco-bearer (shown previously, but now with a larger base)

The traitor Eadric Streona (Boo! Hiss!)

Prince Cnut of Denmark

Cnut's banner bearer (or will be when I sort out some proper banners!)

All painted with the usual base colours, wash and highlights. I've based them all on larger round bases as War & Conquest is very flexible about how to represent personalities, plus I think they look better and it makes them stand out on the table.

Hope you like them. More figures to follow soon!


Dalauppror said...

Greate pint job !

best regards Michael

Rodger said...

Excellent painting Matt!

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Lovely figs - I love that they represent their historical counterparts. Wonderfully painted Matt!

The Kiwi said...

Very good painting. Great work and also with names from history....very cool.
Should be an awesome demo game.

tidders said...

lovely work

-- Allan

Keith said...

Ctacking Stuff Matt

Engel said...

Just found you excelent blog.
Oh and great paintjob.