Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Gaming Plans for 2013

Happy New Year! :o)

What about the next year of gaming here at The Wargames Table? Well, I'm not going to set myself any really firm "must do" objectives, after all it's meant to be a relaxing hobby! However, I expect I'll be working on some or all of the following

Dark Ages
I've been very busy during the holidays working on a 120+ figures for my Saxon and (my wife's) Viking armies, but as most of it is still 'work in progress' I haven't got anything worth showing pics of yet - apologies! But I assure you that there will be plenty to show in a few weeks time.
It's not just about the armies - I'll be adding plenty of extras like casualty figures, vignettes of figures fighting, looting, etc, plus some civilians and animals.
I have quite a few Normans in blisters and boxes so I may begin by building a SAGA warband - break out the Camembert chaps!

Age of Arthur
The later Saxon army includes enough 'Musketeer' early Saxon figures to form the core of a 4-6th century Saxon army. I have TFL's Dux Britanniarum (still un-played!) so I may have to knock up a small Romano-British force to oppose them. I keep putting this off for the simple reason that if I start painting Arthurian figures then I  may get a little carried away!

The Great War
Plenty of options here... Add more to my 1918 BEF, paint up my 1918 Germans, may be expand my collection to include ANZACs and Johnny Turk?

Shows & Gaming Day
We will definitely be taking our Dark Age forces along to a few shows for demo games of War & Conquest, plus attending some shows purely as visitors.
Scarab already have a gaming day planned, let's hope it's the first of many this year!

Early Imperial Romans & Celts
For the Romans I'd like to add more Legion along with some Auxilia cavalry. The Celts need a bit of an overhaul and re-organisation too.

Battlefield(s) & Scenery
My old GW grass mat (attached to two 4'x3' boards) needs an update I think. The 'modelled-on' country road looks fine but is a bit limiting when placing rivers and other scenery. Also, I'd like to have a table at least 8'x4' or larger if that can be accommodated. This will have to wait until after we have moved house (if we ever move!!). Hopefully I will be able to claim one of the rooms as a 'man cave'.
I still have the part built modular boards for a western front battlefield too. This will look splendid if I ever manage to complete it. Again it will depend on available space. But if I start to collect figures for a Gallipoli campaign then I'll need a desert based table!
I also have a number of partially complete scenery projects languishing in boxes in various lofts and cupboards, e.g. Roman Fort, WW1 woods, roads, wattle fences, etc. It would be good to get a few of these finished off.

But, being a wargamer, I may see an article or a new range of figures and suddenly decide to do something completely different... 6mm ACW anyone!? Hmm, may be not.

Thanks again for your continued interest, support and comments; it is much appreciated.



Paul of the Man Cave said...

Some great stuff there for us all to look forward to seeing as the year progresses!

PS There is NOTHING like having your own Man Cave, no matter how small it may be :-)

BigRedBat said...

Happy New Year, Matt! Simon

Hendrid said...

And a Happy New Year to you and yours Matt!

Look forward to see how your projects get on.

Dalauppror said...

Happy new Year Matt !!!

Sounds like you have 2013 all figured out;)

Best regards Michael

Sidney Roundwood said...

Happy New Year, Matt! Boy, are you going to be busy!! Really looking forward to what you come out with during 2013!