Sunday, 30 December 2012

Wargaming in 2012

It's that time of year again where we look back and take stock of our achievements… and this blog is no exception!

The Good Things about my hobby this year…

Great War BEF Battalion
I'm delighted that this is now "complete", i.e. 1,000pts. I hope to add more in the future but at least I can now take part in most gaming days without needing to borrow figures. The Great War has real enduring appeal for me, in terms of history, modelling and gaming. So expect to see more of this sort of thing.

Wargaming Shows
Amazingly I've made it along to a few shows, specifically Legionary, Salute, Attack, Colours, and Warfare. At these shows I (or more usually 'we') have helped stage demo games of War & Conquest. I've really enjoyed this as it's a chance to chat to a wide range of gamers, about an equally wide range of topics, as well as tell them how good W&C is! It's also good to go along and pick up a bit of hobby "buzz" - i.e. some extra motivation and inspiration.

W&C Gaming Day
The gaming days are enormous fun! Relaxed gaming with a slightly competitive edge. Through these days I'm pleased to say that I've made some new wargaming friends. Certainly looking forward to the next one in Feb '13. (See the Scarab Miniatures forum for details)

Saga Warbands
Saga is - as I've said many times - a superb game, so getting our Saxon and Viking warbands completed up to 8 points was very satisfying. The figures are great fun to paint and the 'wash' method I use means I can get them completed fairly quickly. Thank goodness for LBMS shield transfers too.

Dark Ages Scenery
I'd like to say that I've built and painted a wide range of Dark Ages scenery (initially for Saga) but in fact, most of the scenery is resin and almost all of it was painted by my lovely wife. This does mean I can say "I have a great collection of Dark Ages scenery".

Gaming Club
So far this year I've visited the Bristol Big'Uns club *slightly* more often than last year. Not as often as would be ideal but still, it's been good fun. (Plus now I rarely get lost on the way there!)

Saxon and Viking Armies for War & Conquest
As regular readers will know our warbands soon became the start of armies for W&C. I'm really pleased about this because the Viking Age has long fascinated me. The range of figures is amazing, plus it also allows me to build a collection of little scenic extras such as casualties, villagers, livestock, carts, etc. Fun to model and great for adding extra 'flavour' to the tabletop.

The Blog
I'm so glad I've kept up the blog all this time. Let me offer a big "Thank You" to all the people who visit and especially those who take the time to post comments. It's really uplifting to get good feedback from the gaming community. I enjoy looking at other people's gaming blogs so I'm glad others enjoy mine.

Now, the Not So Good Things about my hobby this year…

Less Active Projects
Like most wargamers I have a number of projects that aren't exactly "top priority".

Romans - considering this is one of my favourite historical era, plus it's ideal for W&C, it's odd that I haven't made more progress. I think the reason is that I have 'just enough' figures completed to be able to play satisfying games so other projects keep taking priority! I really ought to add more Legion and some cavalry.

Celts - similar story to the Romans really. I'd like to add another warband and replace some of the more oddly posed Warlord figures with GB and other metals but again other projects demand more attention.

Germans for the Great War - This is slightly different in that I have a complete army ready to go but the effort required to start, sustain and finish such a sizeable painting project keeps putting me off in favour of 'easier' tasks. They're all black undercoated so will have to be painted conventionally rather than using any sort of wash technique, which adds to the effort.

Napoleonics … sadly these chaps have barely seen the light of day let alone got anywhere near a paint brush!? Perhaps I need to establish a satisfying way to wash/dip them? However, no one around my area appears to be interested in Naps so Black Powder continues to gather dust.

Still not enough gaming
I've played quite a bit of Saga and War & Conquest, plus a few games of Great War this year. Probably more gaming than the previous two years in total. I've even won a few games. But I (or rather 'we') still need to play more wargames :o)

Gaming with Uni Friends
Despite the best of intentions we've not managed to get together with some of our old Uni freinds - you know who you are! ;o) On both sides it's the usual story of being too busy with work, families, holidays, etc. We really *must* do better next year.

Again, many thanks to all my readers!


Maxamillian Walker said...

I enjoy your blog, the saxons and Vikings are good, especially the base fillers

Rodger said...

Great review Matt! Bring on 2013!

legatus hedlius said...

Great review! I need to do something similar!

Dalauppror said...

Greate work during 2012:) Please keep it up during 2013;)

Happy New Year !

Best regards Michael

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Some great achievements in 2012, far outweighing any shortcomings you might feel.

May 2013 see continued success and enjoyment Matt!