Sunday, 16 December 2012

There And Back Again

We went to Bath rather than Erebor, but we did manage to see the new Hobbit movie!

First off, we really enjoyed it! A superb film indeed. The characters are brilliant; those Dwarves are a very entertaining bunch. Comic one moment then fearfully serious the next. It was so good that we've already decided to book tickets to our little, local, family run cinema to see it again next weekend.

If you're a Tolkien "purist" then I think you might cough and splutter a few times as they've taken a few liberties with the storyline, plus raided various other appendices and books to add more background information. But that was always going to be the case when turning a single novel into a franchise of three long movies.

I think it strikes a good balance between 'comic' and 'serious' - there are some perfectly daft bits, yet others are dark and sombre. As you would expect, the visuals are breath-taking - particularly the Dwarf kingdom of Erebor under the Lonely Mountain. Also, the countryside scenes really do show of just how beautiful New Zealand is. Living there now seems s-o-o-o long ago.

I won't write anymore as I do not want to give any details away, but if you enjoyed The Lord of the Rings, and don't mind the fact that the story line has been altered to better fit a movie, then I'm sure you'll thoroughly enjoy the film.


Der Feldmarschall said...

Thanks Matt, sounds great! I'm going tonight. :-)


Paul of the Man Cave said...

Have to wait until Boxing Day for its release here in Oz, but I have a family ticket pre-booked and under the tree!

Sidney Roundwood said...

Thanks Matt. You're reassuring me about the film. There's been so many negative, or half-hearted, reviews in the newspapers and TV. Great to know you enjoyed it. We're going to try and get to see it over the Holidays. Cheers!

Squared said...

New to the website. I had to comment on the movie. I've heard negatives about the movie. Especially the filming in 48 frames per sec versus the standard of 24. To me, it makes it all look real. For some reason, movie purist don't like real. You can see so much more in the details and everything is so crisp.
It was the first flick I have gone to in at least a year. I was completely engrossed in the film and it sounded like the rest of the crowd was too because they were QUIET. Great movie. I'll be seeing it again.

Matt said...

[23/12/12] Well, I've seen it a second time and it was even better :o)