Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Latest Workbench Report

Things are very busy here at The Wargames Table... Using up the last few days of annual leave, I've now finished for the Christmas hols (hooray!). To be honest I'm a little behind schedule with getting my Saxons and Vikings ready so you'll not be surprised to see that they feature significantly in the photos of my current gaming workbench**

(**When I write "workbench" I do in fact mean the dining room table... oh, for my own gaming room!?)

This little lot, around 80+ figures, are mostly the rest of my Saxons plus a few Vikings and character models. All awaiting a good wash of AP Strong Tone. Then I'll need to varnish them (brush not spray!) and highlight them. Plus I've got shields, bases and movement trays to do. Plenty to keep me occupied :o)

I had thought that it would be a Good Idea to let the figures build up for a big batch of AP washing, however looking at them I'm thinking that may be I should have done them in smaller batches of 20-30. Oh well.

After washing with AP I may 'complete' them in batches just so that I fell like I'm making progress. I'll be sure to post the results.


Keith said...

Thats a lot of work Matt

Matt said...

Oh yes!

They're now all AP washed (and I nearly gassed myself on fumes after a 3hr session!) and some have been matt varnished with W&N.

Still so much to do!