Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sandbags for the Great War

Amongst the many goodies I picked up at Warfare (Reading) this weekend were these rather splendid sets of resin sandbags. They even come pre-painted! Here's some fine chaps from the BEF making good use of their new cover.

A close up shot. Hopefully you can make out the wonderful 'texture' on the bags.

I also bought a pack of straight sections.

These are the two packs, made by Pegasus Hobbies. Pack one is six straight sections - and they all seem to be slightly different. The second pack has two short straight sections plus four rounded corner sections.

Total cost was approx £22 (about €27). The straight sections are 145mm and the short/corner sections are 90-100mm. So I now have almost 1.5m (nearly 5 feet) of sandbags.

More about the (not so good) show in a future post. However, the games of War & Conquest we played were great fun!


scotty said...

I've got both sets and recomend them, great detail on them

Dalauppror said...

Look wery nice indeed. I have some of Pegasus stone walls and like them alot.

Best regards Michael

Rodger said...

Like the look of those sand bags Matt.

Matt said...

Thanks chaps.

I didn't realise they also made stone walls. Will have to check them out.



Keith said...

They look pretty good.