Saturday, 13 October 2012

Warbases Saga Sticks

For a while now I've been using some lengths of wooden dowelling as SAGA measuring sticks but I decided that I'd like something a little more bespoke. After chatting to the guys at Warbases whilst attending Colours I found out that they still made suitable measuring sticks plus they could be customised however I wanted. I opted for one set with SAXON etched on and the other with VIKING (both in the freely available Colonna font). Just £5 pounds for each set. So here they are.

Made from 3mm MDF and I think that they're a superb product! In fact it's been a pleasure to deal with Warbases. They're friendly and efficient, the products are great and very reasonably priced. Highly recommended.

I also ordered a set of movement trays. They're suitable for 8 x 3 of 20mm square bases - ideal for my Saxons. Here's a picture to illustrate.

Again, a top quality product at a good price, only £1.70 each. All I need to do is sand and flock the edge to match my figures.


Wargame News and Terrain Blog, said...

Nice movement tray and measurement sticks it's always a pleasure to deal with the lads at warbases. Top notch products and service at a very good price even with postage to Belgium.

The Kiwi said...

I have some product from Warbases and even with the distance (Oztralia) they have been great to deal with.

Ray Rousell said...

Warbases do make some quality products!