Sunday, 7 October 2012

Durin's Folk - SAGA with Lord of the Rings

Years ago I bought quite a few of the LotR range of figures from GW. I never really got that in to the so-called "Strategy Battle Game" as I found it quite unrewarding... However, now we have SAGA, plus the forthcoming Hobbit movie has once again piqued my interest in gaming with these figures.

Here's a couple of test figures for a paint scheme for my Dwarfen force. I think the deep red plus the white linen effect go quite well, especially with the gold edging. What do you think?

I have a large Moria Goblin force already complete, not to mention a whole heap of Orcs. Initially I'd use the standard SAGA boards for Vikings (Dwarfs) and Welsh (Goblins - apologies to any Welsh readers I can assure you it's nothing personal!). The next step would be to get my own dice made by Warbases and then create my own battleboards for each side.

Some close ups.

I've just noticed that the bases need tidying up with a bit of black around the edges!? Ooops ;o)


Hobby Horse said...

You might find this site of interest, Saga boards for Lords of the Rings factions, scenarios, etc plus lots of lovely painted figures. It's a German site but Google translator does a reasonable job.

GuitarheroAndy said...

Very nice!! I have also recently dragged out my Galadhrim that have been gathering dust for years with a view to getting a Saga-sized warband together...Am just thinking about colour schemes for them at the mo. Not sure which board I'd use...there aren't many Elven ones online. Mind you, dunno if I'd actually find any local opponents into Saga Fantasy, so it may be a waste of time...
I can also recommed the link from the first comment. I went straight there hoping to find Elves... All the boards on there are in English despite the German text on the main blog.

HaplessPete said...

Interesting, we are using the LOTR rules for games with our Gripping Beast vikings and saxons because we didnt like SAGA! Nice dwarves :)


Bishop Lord said...

Great idea and nice looking figs too:-)


The Kiwi said...

The red. white and gold trim looks good. I am painting Mantic Dwarves at the mo. Seems to be more gluing than painting at the mo though. Lots of them to do. I am using red as well bot not with a gold trim or white.

Matt said...

Many thanks to you all for your kind and helpful comments. :o)

@Hobby Horse
The link was very useful indeed!

Good to hear that others are eyeing their LotR collections with SAGA in mind.

Had to chuckle... you're using LotR for Dark Ages whereas I'm looking at it the other way around!

Thanks again to you all. Glad you like the colour scheme.