Friday, 21 September 2012

Dark Ages Casualty Markers

These sort of figures are handy for representing different factors in various rulesets ... For example, Disorder in War & Conquest, Fatigue in SAGA, Casualties in Hail Caesar, etc. They also make good battlefield debris.

All the figures are from Gripping Beast's generic dark age casualties pack. Here they are.

Hope you like them.

I've bought some Warbases numbered, rotating casualty marker bases. These have a space on top for your casualty figure. So the box of Perry Crusdaer casualties I picked up at Colours may well appear in that fashion. For now though, I really need to get on with painting some more Saxons.


GuitarheroAndy said...

Very nice!! Your Dark Age collection groweth apace!!!

Rodger said...

Excellent Matt. Really like these.

Sidney Roundwood said...

Matt, those look really terrific. Another great product from Martin, eh? Awesome stuff - I really like the colourings you've used. Super painting, mate!