Sunday, 19 August 2012

War & Conquest 2nd Gaming Day

Sunday 19th August saw the second of the War & Conquest gaming days, organised by Scarab Miniatures and hosted at the Iron Acton village hall.

I took along my EIR to the first gaming day earlier this year, so I thought I'd give my British Celts a whirl this time. It was a 2,000pt army consisting of
  • Warlord, Army Standard & 30 Noble Warriors
  • Chieftain & 31 Warriors
  • Chieftain & 31 Warriors
  • 24 Warriors
  • 10 Light Cavalry
  • 11 Slingers
  • 11 Skirmishers (javelins)
  • 5 Chariots
The day was organised in to three sessions, each with a specified deployment area and method, all drawn from the very useful "Battle Begins" section of the rulebook. For each game the players also drew specific battlefield objectives.

Game 1 was against Paul's splendid looking Caesarian Roman army. Knowing that he'd be heavily outnumbered he deployed his army to one side of the field, as can be seen from the photo below. The Celts have completed turn 1 and (having won the strategic advantage) advanced rapidly towards the Roman lines.

Here's a couple of closer pics of Paul's army.

All Foundry figures and superbly painted.

In the following photo we can see that the forces are getting stuck in all along the line. What I hadn't realised was that the smaller Roman unit on the left of the picture were Veteran Legionaries. They tore the Celts to shreds. However the nobles in the centre did very well to see off the regular legionaries after a few turns.

The game ended as a draw as neither of us could complete our objectives, plus both armies had taken quite a beating yet both still had several powerful units remaining in good combat order.

Game 2 saw my Celts facing Phil's hairy Germanic horde. This was something of a "grudge" match due to the fact that Phil had been ribbing me mercilessly about the fact that a few of my bases had yet to properly finished off. Dreadful eh? ;o)

Autumn deployment this time, with the picture above showing the position at the end of turn 2. The core of Phil's horde were veterans, i.e. very capable warriors. Phil assured me that as it was Germans vs British it would go to extra time and then the Brits would lose on penalties.

Above you can see that the lines have clashed. Out of shot on the left, the Germanic cavalry and some skirmishers had dealt with the rather inexpertly manouevred Celt chariots. So it was going to be all about the infantry warbands.

The battle ebbed and flowed for another couple of turns before the Celts gained the upper hand and the German lines gradually crumbled. The Warlord and his Nobles were awesome, crushing all who stood before them! The Celt objective was to slaughter the two 'best' enemy units and this was achieved by the end of turn 6, with much of the rest of the German army dead or fleeing. A hard won but solid victory to the British Celts.

Game 3 was against John's Early Imperial Romans. It's not the best of photos but hopefully you can see that the Roman figures are of a certain vintage! In fact many of them are probably older than me. However I had to admit they had a certain charm.

This game used the Spring deployment where armies form up in the corners of battlefield. Again this pic was taken at the end of turn two or three.

John sensibly used his Strategy Points to sieze the initiative and charge the (slightly disorganised) Celt lines. Five units of heavily armed and armoured Legionaries, some of them veterans. The result was carnage! The Nobles put up a stiff fight but the Celt warriors were slaughtered. Disorder and panic spread through the surviving units who (sensibly) fled the field resulting in an overwhelming victory for Rome.

In summary then, three great games against three first class opponents. All played with a strong sense of relaxed fun and good sportsmanship. A special thank you should go to Rob for organising everything and Barabra for providing an excellent lunch. Everyone was clearly looking forward to the next event.

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Vladdd309 said...

Sounds like a great days gaming! Lovely pics too.

Haven't picked up W&C yet, but like the look of the different deployment areas.