Monday, 27 August 2012

Painted Saxon Thegns

With all these nicely painted Vikings marauding around the blog, I thought it best to finish off a unit of Saxon Thegns.

All Gripping Beast plastics painted in my usual way, with LBMS shield transfers.

Here's a slightly closer shot.

Next on my list are a unit of Thegns/Huscarls and some casualty markers, whilst She Who Must Be Obeyed is sorting out some Bondi. I'm pleased to say that the armies are starting to take shape now!


Anonymous said...

Very good looking band. added myself as a follower :)


The Extraordinarii said...

Really like your colourful style, they look great.

Rodger said...

These look fantastic Matt. Really like your shields.

Bedford said...

Goodly work indeed Matt.


Sidney Roundwood said...

Fantastic stuff, Matt. Looking forward to the bondi!