Friday, 17 August 2012

Painted Norman Crossbows

Following on from my workbench post, here's the first of what I hope will be a series of newly painted units for my Dark Ages (or "Early Medieval" if you prefer) collection.

First four


Next four


These are Gripping Beast figures and they've been painted in my now familiar method of white undercoat*, block colours**, wash with AP, matt varnish then highlights.

This is effectively the first 'point' for my SAGA Norman warband, but will also be useful as mercenaries for my Saxon army. Perhaps they're even the start of my Norman army!? Well, I do have a box of Conquest Games knights.

* armour and weapons are undercoated black
** some areas get a highlight before being washed e.g. armour/weapons are drybrushed with chainmail, flesh gets a quick highlight of Foundry Base Sand light.

Right, back to the Saxons!


Vladdd309 said...

A good start, nice colours and good basing. What are those tufts with the white on them?

The Gripping Beast Norman range is really nice!

Matt said...

Thanks for the kind words.

The tufts are from MiniNatur, bought from Antenocetti's Workshop. Very useful.



Grimsby Mariner said...

Good work. What do you make of the Gripping Beast paints?

Matt said...

Thanks. The paints are good colours, but I've found them slightly thinner in terms of consistency than the Foundry paints I'm used to. Normally takes two layers to cover white basecoat.


Bedford said...

Nice work Matt.

The work on the gambesons and the variation in colour is impressive.

More please :O)