Thursday, 23 August 2012

More Painted Vikings

I'm delighted to report that my wonderful wife has been busy painting lots more Vikings. Here they are.

All her own work, apart from the LBMS shield transfers.

Another even closer shot. I'm sure by now most of you will have realised that these are exactly the fellows that are proudly displayed as my blog banner.

I need to sort a banner for the unit standard. I may try to use one of the paper banners supplied with the Gripping Beast boxed set, or perhaps I'll just stick with LBMS.

Anyway, plenty more on the painting work bench, along with some rather nice pieces of scenery.


GuitarheroAndy said...

A bit handy with a brush, your missus!!!!!

Keep 'em coming...

Scott said...

Very smart work.

Ray Rousell said...

Great painting!!!! Very tasty!

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Awesome!!! Great work by your shield maiden :-)

Sidney Roundwood said...

Those are really very nice indeed. A really great unit. Looking forward to seeing them pillaging on a wargames table soon!!

Rodger said...

Very very nice troops!

Matt said...

Thanks chaps. Chief exec was delighted to read your comments.

@PotMC - "Shield-maiden" ... brilliant!

@Sidney - not far off getting enough ready for a proper game!



The Kiwi said...

Awesome Vikings. Excellent job.