Sunday, 12 August 2012

Dark Ages Workbench

As you can hopefully see in pic below, I've got quite a lot on the go! They're mostly Saxons from GB's plastic Thegns set with a few Musketeer figures. There's also a small group of GB Normans and some Vikings too. Plus some scenery, casualty markers, etc.

In the short term I'll be creating my War & Conquest 'Viking-era' Saxon force, but using some of the Musketeer Early Saxon figures (i.e. Duguth & Gedriht) in order to give the army a more 'wild' and less 'Bayeux Tapestry' look. OK, there's the odd late-Roman style helmet mixed in but really, so what?

This has the added bonus that the figures will be perfect for using with TooFatLardie's Dux Britanniarum rules. Although I still need to paint some more Romano-British in order to play. Hopefully an Arthurian supplement for SAGA is not too far off!

Being Early Saxons they'll also make an ideal start for my War & Conquest Arthurian era Early Saxon army. Effectively expanding the Dux Britanniarum force in to a War & Conquest army. Much like I've done with my SAGA Anglo-Saxons, increasing the warband to become a later Saxon army.

It's rather like having a variety of forces available, for a range of games, from approx 1.5 armies worth of figures. Not only are the figures suitable for a wide range of historical settings, much of the scenery can be used throughout the entire Arthurian and Early Medieval periods too.

Right, back to the workbench for more highlighting, basing, etc. I'll post up pics of some of the completed in the next few days.


GuitarheroAndy said...

That's going to be a nice little collection you have there. I agree, the fact that models can be used across rule sets (as well as multi-army use) is a huge attraction...I'm about to order a load of sabot bases so I can play Dux Bellorum (Osprey's new Arthurian rules) with my WAB army (it's 'element-based', like Impetus, etc...)

The Extraordinarii said...

Very nice, I'm right into the dark ages myself ATM, so I wait with anticipation to see what you will do with your minis.

Scion of the South said...

Excited to see the finished product. I am presently considering taking the plunge into the SAGA system myself. I have an abundance of period figures so it shouldn't be an issue.