Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Roman Outpost Fort - Part 3

The soldiers in a fort need somewhere to sleep, eat, etc. So here's a small barracks block to go in to the outpost fort.


I forgot to take step by step pictures but hopefully you can see that it's basically a box with a sloping roof (the area of which is exactly the same as a Wills plastic pantile roof section). The wooden areas are simply yet more coffee sticks. The door is scribed balsa wood. I added the card strip around the lower part of the building to denote the area that will be painted a mid-red colour, whilst the plaster above will be light cream.

I've now textured the walls with masonry paint, so it's ready for some undercoat and painting. There's no chimney pots as I've found these to be quite fragile. After all, it's wargaming scenery, not an exact historical model.

I may build another as one seems a bit lacking, although I might make a start on a watch tower, or a grain store ... maybe I need a bigger fort?

Happy gaming.


BigRedBat said...

Very nice, Matt!

marinergrim said...

Excellent. I see you've got the bug and want to make more because one is never enough!

Keith said...

Fantastic stuff Matt, looking forward to seeing it altogether

Scottswargaming said...

Good work so far

Quentin said...

Very nice. How about a section of Hadrian's Wall next?