Monday, 9 July 2012

Quick SAGA Report

Sunday evening and another trip to Iron Acton for a game of Saga againgst Orange Dave. As it had proved to be quite a hectic day I arrived a bit later than usual so there was only time for one game.

Initially we rolled Clash of Warlords but having played that a couple of times Dave went in search of a river so that we could play the Battle at the Ford scenario. Had I been more organised I could have brought my nice 'Coritani' rubber river, but Dave managed to locate a suitable stand-in in the form of some strips of blue vinyl. Fords and bridges were more of a problem so in the best traditions of wargaming ... we improvised! A low rocky hill became a ford and a resin building roof section became a bridge.

I had planned to ignore one crossing point and mass my forces at the other, but a quick re-read of the scenario showed that victory points were scored for getting troops across the river, not holding the bridge/ford. So I clearly needed to contest both crossings.

My Warlord and two units of Hirdmen (I was playing Vikings for a change) held the ford whilst a unit of Hirdmen, a unit of Bondi and a unit of Thralls rushed for the bridge.

(Apologies if the pics are a bit fuzzy. Mobile phone, hall lighting, etc)


Playing against the Welsh is rather tricky as they are all equipped with javelins (free shooting at end of any movement) plus they have the infuriating ability to "taunt" your troops to move towards the nearest enemy unit. Some battle board abilities can help offset these abilities, but the Vikings could do little to prevent the Welsh exploiting their advantage. I was soon losing Saga dice as units disappeared under clouds of javelins.

Most of the casualties I suffered in the game were due to the masses of Javelins thrown at my chaps. Taunting your enemy in to javelin range, hurling lots of javelins, then mopping up the survivors with mounted hearthguard is definitely the way to win with Welsh.

Here's my Warlord defending the 'ford' single-handed after all his faithful hearthguard had been slain. He managed this for a few turns (thanks to a great combat ability) but evetually the javelins found the target and he fell. At the end of the final turn we added up victory points. Welsh 14, Vikings 3, so an overwhelming victory for the Welsh.
This shows the Bondi just making it across the bridge, whilst the Thralls provide little in the way of help.

This was probably my 15th or 16th game of Saga and, to be honest, it was a bit of a disappointing game. That's no criticism of the rules or my opponent! It was just "one of those days". In fact I've yet to win a game of Saga. May be it's not the game for me after all?


Keith said...

Nice Bat Rep Matt,
It's the Bloody Welsh Matt, Vikings have great abilities, but as they cant use Odin it ruduces your options, apart from get in as quick as possible!!!!! :-)

Matt said...

Thanks old bean. Hope it didn't come across as too downbeat! Tricky day was last Sunday.

The Welsh are difficult to beat methinks. Will have to try larger units perhaps.

It would just be nice to actually win a game of Saga.



David Stone said...

Sorry Matt, I feel guilty now. My Welsh are just too reluctant to have a stand up fight with your Viking or Saxon warmachines!

Your time will come, as my pesky Welsh fall to a hail of arrows!

Matt said...


No worries old bean! As I said in the post it was just one of those days.

However, I am a bit concerned that I still don't "get" how to play Saga.

Looking forward to a re-match! :o)