Thursday, 24 May 2012

Saxon Turnip Patch

I found a scrap of MDF whilst tidying the garage the other day and was inspired to create a vegetable garden for my more green-fingered Saxons to tend. That's when they're not away giving the Vikings a good thrashing! ;o)

If you look at the Saga rulebook (or WAB Shieldwall) you'll see similar scenery featured in a number of pictures so it's clearly essential. However, I've no clear idea on what the Saxons grew but thankfully such knowledge it not essential for a good game!

Anyway, enough rhubarb (pun intended) from me, here it is.

OK, it's not all turnips, the white flowers are probably peas ... oh dear! Well, it is the Chelsea Flower Show this week after all.

Normal service will be resumed soon.


TWD said...

That looks very jolly.
Been thinking of making something similar for a while, you may just have tipped me over the edge.

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Good stuff! I made on too, treated it as rough terrain because of all the furrows so in combination with some stone walls it had a really funnelling effect on the table.

Ray Rousell said...

Excellent, I need me one of those veggie patches!!

The Extraordinarii said...

nice effort Matt, it looks good!

Rodger said...

Great stuff. I like this.

Quentin said...

Hooray for those Saxons digging for victory and defending the country against those dastardly Saxons, err Vikings!

Quentin said...

Looks brilliant, by the way. I will be studying your terrain techniques before long.

Keith said...

Brilliant Stuff Matt