Sunday, 6 May 2012

River, Wattle Fence and other bits

Rivers are one of those tricky terrain features to get looking really good. The best method is, without doubt, to build terrain modules that allow the river to be carved in to the module, then use water effect solutions, potentially giving a very realistic result. However, terrain modules are expensive and take lots of room to store, etc, etc. So the only other option is 'place on the table' terrain. I made a river years ago using thin MDF, with polystyrene for the banks, but it was quite a bit of effort and it had occasional problems with the MDF curling, so I sold it. But now here's a marvellous, cost effective solution that didn't take much effort to complete.

Vikings defend a bridge.

River with small island.

They're made of brown rubber so are very durable and flexible. They take paint and flock easily and come in sections either 10"-12" (25-30cm) long, or about 6" (15cm) for the bridge section. There is also a ford available. Plus they cost just £3 per section, less if you buy six.

Find them at Magnetic Displays, scroll down to "Burgh Terrain". Highly recommended.

Next, in previous posts I've shown scratch built wattle fencing using wire, string, etc, but here's what I found (actually my better half spotted it!) on the Renedra stand at Salute.

So new I haven't had time to paint it yet!

I think it was £10 for a pack of two sprues which is enough to make approx 5' (150cm) of fencing. I reckon this will be very popular with Dark Ages players.

Yesterday I spent the day at Legionary 2012, in Exeter. Held in a livestock auction arena - it certainly had plenty of "atmosphere"! Anyway, I was helping out on the Scarab War & Conquest demo table and it was a splendid day playing W&C with friends and talking to other gamers, but I'll post about that in more detail later this week. I did manage to find the time to wander around the traders and this item caught my eye.

Resin fishing boat.

From Dreamholme Scenics, priced about £5. I've been thinking about how to make some new river/coast terrain for use with Saga so little features like this will add just the right 'ambience'.

Finally, whilst I haven't posted pics of many painted toys recently I can assure you I have been making steady progress with figures for Saga. I've nearly finished a Warlord, 4 Huscarls and 12 Levies for my Anglo-Danish warband, along with 12 Viking archers for my wife's warband. Just some highlighting left to finish them off. Here's a pic - I'll post in more detail when they're done. This will bring both Warbands to 8 or more points.

Gripping Beast figures for Saga.

Next post ... Legionary 2012 show report.


Rodger said...

All very nice stuff there Matt. Really like the river.

Quentin said...

Looks great. All set for the battle of Stamford Bridge then!

Phil said...

Nicely done, the river seems great!