Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Anglo-Danish Warlord & Huscarls

Here's my Anglo-Danish Warlord in all his war-like glory!


Another Gripping Beast figure with LBMS shield transfer of course. Here's his trusty Huscarls wielding those fearsome Dane axes. More GB loveliness.

That takes my warband up to a comfortable 8 SAGA points.

Later this week (or at the weekend) I'll be posting some battle reports following their exploits against Dave's Welsh warband.


scotty said...

Love the warlord, excellent painting

scotty said...
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Luckyjoe said...

Beautiful paintjobs on those minis, the warlord is especially good. The shield transfer really adds a lot, as well.

DHC Wargames said...

Lovely work! The clothing on the warlord really works well with the shield, which is something many people seem not to get right with transfers!

Grimsby Mariner said...

Excellent work there.

Rodger said...

The Warlord is absolutely awesome !!

Matt said...

Many thanks chaps :o)

I really enjoyed painting these so I'm glad you like them.


Keith said...

More fantastic stuff :-)