Monday, 2 April 2012

Viking Warband for Saga

Here's a four point Viking Warband for Saga, almost all painted by my lovely wife.

In a previous post I showed some figures that I painted as a present for her, so this four point warband is already well on it's way to six points and beyond.

Here's a couple of closer shots

Hirdmen (Hearthguard) in front with more behind in the pic above. The chap with the double handed axe is just counted as a normal hearthguard.

Here there's more Hirdmen in front with Bondi (Warriors) behind.

I must say that Mrs Matt (her real name is Jennifer) has been rather quicker to grasp some of the smarter combinations of Saga abilities on the Viking board than I have with my Saxons. The result has been a couple of sound defeats for the Saxons - but I have won one game!

I'll post some more pics when all 8 points are complete.


Paul of the Man Cave said...

Great Job! I'm looking forward to my first game of SAGA next week.

Bedford said...

Great to see them in all their battle regalia and ready for huntin' some Saxon dogs!


GuitarheroAndy said...

Very fine work!! Well done Mrs Matt!!!!

Dan said...

Those look great! I wish my wife would paint some of my figures!

Keith said...

Fantastic Stuff from Mrs. Matt

The Kiwi said...

Top job. They look great.

wardy-la said...

Nice work!