Monday, 9 April 2012

Saxon Warband for Saga

Here are the Saxons ready to do battle against the pagan hordes that threaten to ravage England! As with the Vikings this is a four point warband for Saga, but I already have several more units on the go.

All figures are from either Gripping Beast or Musketeer. Here's the Warlord and four of his Thegns.

Another four Thegns, all from the GB plastic Saxons boxed set.

Now for the Ceorls. These were purchased with the intent of building an Arthurian era Early Saxon force using Musketeer figures. However, I think they do just fine as Ceorls for Saga.

Another 8 figure unit.

All of these figures were painted using my 'dip then highlight' technique. Here's a few closer shots of the cloaks and the warriors.

As I've mentioned before, highlighting after the dip (and after the matt varnish!) is really easy as the shading is already partly done for you.

Shields are mostly by LBMS apart from some of the plain shields.


Ray Rousell said...

Excellent figures, very well painted!!!!

TWD said...

Very nice indeed.
The Musketeer ones do the job really well IMO, and the plastic Thegns are great models.
Now how about some AAR's?

Jehan said...

Really nice warband !!


Rodger said...

Very very nice Matt. Tempted to get some more DA fig's now!

Keith said...

Lovely work Matt,
Your banging out these war