Wednesday, 7 March 2012

BEF Battalion for The Great War

At last ... I have a complete battalion for The Great War!!! It's taken me far longer than I expected but here it is.

Some closer shots, here's Red Company

And here is Blue Company


The Highlanders

Supporting troops

Most of these figures have previously appeared on the blog as each group was painted, so if you're interested in how they were painted, based, etc then please have a look back through the blog.

Is the army finished? Hmmm... is any army ever really complete? No. I plan to add quite a few models to this army in the future. For example, increase all the platoons to 12 men and have two Lewis Guns in each. I'd also like to add a Whippet, possibly an 18lb-er. Then there's trench raiders, snipers, armoured cars, etc. Not forgetting Gripping Beast's lovely range of WW1 figures that would provide some Kiwis. :o)

However, I think I'll be taking a little rest from painting WW1 figures as I intend to focus on getting my Saga warbands complete. So get ready for some dodgy poetry as I venture in to Dark Ages Britain to write my own heroic Saga.


Bedford said...


They really look great. how have they fared on the front so far or are they yet to be thrown into the trenches?


Mark Hargreaves said...

Never rest from painting WW1 miniatures! Top notch work.

Flags of War said...

wow that's some great work there :-o

Keith said...

They Look brilliant Matt.

It's great to see them altogether

Rodger said...

Excellent Matt. This is an oustanding looking army. Really like the colour of the Mk4.

Sidney Roundwood said...

Matt, they look phenomenal. They're a really great, consistent forces. I really like the small command groups, and the way you've made the colours really "pop". Awesome stuff.