Saturday, 7 January 2012

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy issue 58 is available!

As you can see from the cover pic above, the theme of this issue is Napoleonics.

OK, so it's not my favourite Napoleonic era, i.e. the Peninsular war, but it's all still very interesting stuff, with lots of lovely pictures to admire and inspire. It's not all about 'Boney' though. Details of the contents can be found here. This is rapidly becoming my favourite wargaming magazine.

I'd really like Guy and team to do a Great War themed issue - preferrably 1917-18. Perhaps I should write an article? Hmmm ... maybe not ... publishing has strict deadlines. As Douglas Adams said - "I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound as they fly by".
Just ask my boss! ;o)

Get your copy now!


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Guy said...

Hi Matt! I'll make you a deal... write us an article and I'll have a whisper in Jasper's ear about including it in a WW1 Theme. :-)