Friday, 16 December 2011

Saga Update - plus other stuff

As you can see from the photo below, all of the block painting has been completed for the rest of my Saxon warband, but I've still got to get them dipped and matt varnished (and based!). However, the weather has been so cold and wet recently that I've been unwilling to risk the dip/varnish going cloudy. So, they'll have to wait for some better weather.

In the meantime I shall be turning my attention to this.

I picked up this Mk IV up at the Great War gaming day earlier this year so it's high time it was built and painted. I think it will make a nice holiday season project. This year we're not planning the usual mad dash around the relatives. Instead we'll be spending most of the hols at home. I also hope to slop a bit more paint on these fellows.

I may also look at making some barrage blasts similar, perhaps, to those splendid models made by Orange Dave (see earlier post). His top tip was to use CD's as they're round, probably free and almost the correct size.

Best wishes for a splendid Yuletide season.

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Rodger said...

They are all looking great Matt. I plan on making and painting up a couple of Mk4s very soon myself.