Saturday, 23 July 2011

Multi-based Celts

The bases have arrived (from Warbases - highly recommended) and I've started on the first warband. Ostensibly this is a 32 figure warband but by jumbling the rear ranks slightly and adding a GB hound figure I've only used 29 Celt figures. I've tried to make the front ranks from the better equipped "noble" warriors, whilst warriors of lesser status (or perhaps less enthusiasm?) comprise the rear ranks.

Multi-based Celts
(click for a larger image)

Haven't added the sand and paint yet as I'm considering a slightly different basing colour using mainly Vallejo paints rather than GW as the Vallejo offering is cheaper and easier to get hold of.

Multi-based Celts
(click for a larger image)

Here's a shot with the stands spread out slightly so you see more clearly how they're ranked up.

Right ... another 150 figures to go!


scotty said...

excellent looking unit. Must admit you cannot go wrong with warbase for your mdf bases

Dan said...

Those are great looking figures!!

Rodger said...

Awesome figures Matt.

Paul of the Man Cave said...

Great stuff - they look wonderfully dynamic on those bases and the paint job is first class. Bravo!

CarloAntonio said...

Wow !! Amazing work !!!

Grimsby Mariner said...

good work there.