Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Early Saxons

It's been all about the Great War recently so it's high time for a little of something different. I'm bored with painting khaki and webbing!

This evening I've been cleaning and preparing a small group of Gripping Beast Early Saxon figures. Here's a pic.

Early Saxons
(click for a larger image)

Hopefully I can make a start on these in the next few days. The longer term aim is make a Saxon force that can either be used as 'proper' Early Saxons for Age of Arthur style games, or as a later Saxon force to take on those fearsome Vikings. Which, by the way, I hope my better half will start painting again soon.

Will post progress (if I make any!).


Quentin said...

If I were you I'd definitely think about some Romano-Britons. I once thought about it enough to get Osprey Men-at-Arms 154, but took it no further. Looking at the pictures now, it seems to me that everyone started to dress up warmly in the Dark Ages. Even the Romans seemed to wear trousers. I wonder whether this had anything to do with the end of the Roman Warm Period.

Rodger said...

I have just finished painting some Renegade Saxons. I had them for a while before starting but once I got going I realy enjoyed it. I hope to get some pictures on my blog in the next few days. So I say" make a start"
Cheers Rodger

Gael Ridire/Irish Knight said...

I've just started painting so am new to all this stuff. I noticed your Saxons have a small base, but do you use a larger base? I've got some figures of this kind and am wondering what to do, the others use a cut base that comes with the figures, so no need to make bases.