Sunday, 30 January 2011

Finally went to a show!

Crumbs! I've actually made it along to a show at last. The first for a number of years; and very enjoyable it was too. Alas, I forgot to take any pictures - doh!?

Saturday 29th January saw the Penarth Leisure Centre near Cardiff play host to Crusade 2011, run by the Penarth & District Wargames Society. It was really good to soak up a bit of hobby atmosphere and have a chat with traders, etc.

There was a small number of demo games which generally looked quite good but my favourite demo game was the WW1 game put on by Rob of Scarab Miniatures - no suprise with that choice!

I bought a number of items for my EIR and Napoleonic projects :-

Perry Miniatures Napoleonic Officers BH2 (Wellington, Picton and Uxbridge) and BH3(Major Generals Pack, Kempt and Halkett).
A box of Perry's French Napoleonic Line Infantry.
Four packs of EIR LBMS transfers from Gripping Beast.
A new set of dice - made from the finest pink (yes, pink) plastic.
A pack of large round bases from Warbases. Very good too.
Samples of new product called Flexifield from HedgerowScenics (website under construction). Well worth checking out if you want to build some realistic looking fields.
A set of resin ruined pillars from The Square.
Plus some paints, brushes, static grass etc.

I was quite impressed with the range of companies and there certainly seemed to be quite a brisk trade going on. I'd also like to mention Heroes of the Dark Ages as their range of Saxon and Viking figures looked quite promising.

Having loaded up with goodies we headed across to see Rob's WW1 demo. It was great to have a natter about all things gaming and the end result was an invite to come along to the next Great War gaming day on 6th March in Nottingham. Checking with the CEO it seems that it is practical after all! Hooray! However, I'll really need to get my brushes flying as it's just 5 weeks away and I barely have half my army painted. In fact I still need to order some figures. Yikes!

Anyway, after a splendid couple of hours at the show we all headed for Cardiff Castle. Well worth a visit but I'd recommend going in warmer weather. We were absolutely frozen by the end of the day!

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