Sunday, 12 September 2010

WAB2.0 and ... The Painting Block

Warhammer Historical (aka Forge World) must be doing something ... I just can't figure out exactly what that might be ... ???

WAB2.0 came out around April this year and five months later we're still none-the-wiser about what else is coming along for WAB. That's assuming there is some sort of plan. It seem obvious to me that a re-launch of a ruleset should be fairly quickly followed up with supplements to fill in some of the gaps in the WAB range. Some of these supplements have (according to those in the know) been written for quite some time. Now, I know turning a finished document in to a published book takes time, money and effort but after five months you would have expected some hints from WHW/FW about what's in the pipeline?

Even the launch of WAB2.0 seemed a bit disorganised with very little in the way of advertisement. I can't help but feel that it was a little rushed. There's quite a few typos and, given the level of discussion on the WAB forum, still a lot of grey areas in the rules. Credit should be given to those involved in getting an errata out fairly quickly but there's still plenty to resolve. Plus the production quality of the book (i.e. artwork, photos, painting guide, etc) could have been so much better.

However, all this doesn't mean that I've given up with WAB, but I am a little concerned about where WAB might be headed. I enjoy playing the game and would like to see it more actively supported by WHW. There's quite a few other rulesets out there (Crusader, Impetus, FoG) plus new rules on the way, like an ancients version of Blackpowder, and Phil Hendry's Augustus to Aurelian. WAB cannot simply assume that players will continue to play it without new material to generate continued interest. It's certainly making me wonder about other rules.

As for the other half of the title ... well I've really been struggling for the last three or four weeks to find the motivation to pick up a brush. To be fair it's been *really* bonkers at work, long hours, etc. But that's partly an excuse if I'm honest. I just seem to have lost the joy in terms of painting. I've got a bunch of BTD Auxlia on the painting table - really nice figures - but I just can't be bothered!?

After giving it some thought I've decided on a new plan. For a while I'm just going to paint whatever figures take my fancy with no real thought as to what unit or army they'll belong to. In fact I'm going to forget about trying to get a particular unit done by a certain date, or trying to get X points painted in Y weeks, etc. This is supposed to be a hobby.

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