Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Wargame-o-meter #4

It's been some time since I last recorded my gaming priorities and things have varied quite a bit. Just 3 weeks ago I was in the midst of a burst of interest for WW1... I even painted up nearly 30 figures! However, as is the way of these things, my interest has drifted to other areas, especially as I just got fed up with the colour of khaki.

1. Romans (EIR)
Currently on the painting table are 5 Auxiliaries, 1 Ballista crewman and 6 Legionaries. The plan is to make one of the 15 man units of Auxiliaries in to a unit of 20 or so, whilst the other unit of 15 is reduced to 12 to become a 'skirmish' unit with the archers. The crewman will join the other I have painted, thus giving my ballista a proper set of crew. The 6 Legion will boost my 2 x 15's to 2 x 18's. After that I may look at dipping a unit of 18 Warlord plastic EIR I have ready. It would be a quick way to boost my army to 1,500pts whilst my collection of more slowly painted figures catch up.

2. Age of Arthur
Whoosh! It's back and high up the list. I found the Romano-British figures I ordered from GB last year and couldn't help but trim and undercoat them. I think they could paint up really well and be fun too. That got me looking at the superb AoA supplement again and so my interest in this fascinating era of British history has been re-kindled. One advantage is that the armies do not need to be large to be fun. Many of the scenarios (and they're of much interest too) need 750-1,000pts. Current favourite armies are Romano-Brits and either Saxons or Picts. As with my EIR/Celt project, one army would get painted 'properly' the other dipped. In the short term I could just about use my Celts as Picts.

3. Celts
With reinforcements coming for my EIR I naturally want to expand my Celt army. More warriors, chariots and perhaps a few fanatics. I'd really like to get the army to a comfortable 1,500pts soon.

4. The Great War
Still on the list but awaiting some sort of goal or objective in order to get painting again. Hopefully GB will announce an event for the Summer then I'll get cracking again.

5. Playing some WAB
With WAB v2 still well over the horizon I'd really like to get in a few more games of WAB v1.5. I've contacted some chums in the far frozen north of England about a possible gaming weekend but I'm still waiting to hear back from them (nudge... nudge!). Whilst I'm far more of a painter than gamer, it would be nice to occasionally roll some dice and push a few nicely painted toys around the table.

Anyway, back to the Romans!

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