Wednesday, 16 September 2009

I am still here ... !?

Yes, I'm still here and I have been rather busy ... honest! Not as busy with a paintbrush as I would like but I have spent a bit of time working on my Celt army. After the buzz and excitement of gaming WW1 at GB's "All Quiet..." event earlier this "summer" I decided that I really ought to get to the point where I have a playable Celt army before I plunge in to yet another era. So that's what I've been doing. The chariots seem to have taken ages to paint (now awaiting dip and final assembly) but that's because in recent weeks I've only managed 1 or 2 evenings of painting. There always seems to be something more urgent that requires attention - how some of the more prolific painters out there manage it I just do not know. There's still about 30-40 figures to base properly, plus all the shield transfers. But at least all the painting is done. I'll blog some photos when the horde is assembled.

In fact I've been so busy that I haven't even managed to blog the Normandy report I promised way back! To be fair I took 800+ photos on hols so they'll need quite a bit of sorting out. But I will sort it out.

Added to that, I'd like to blog some photos of my scenery collection. Having recently re-organised my garage (a.k.a. my gaming gear store) I found several boxes of buildings that haven't seen the light of day for far too long.

Finally, I really must get around to going along to my nearest gaming club, Mid-Somerset Wargamers. We moved to the South West more than a year ago so it's high time I found myself some more local gaming buddies.

Do please keep checking back occasionally, as I find it quite motivating to see that plenty of people visit the wargames table.


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