Friday, 17 July 2009

More Late War British

I've been busy with the paintbrush recently. Here's the first of a new batch of 1918 BEF.

More LW Brits (1)
(click for a larger image)


More LW Brits (2)
(click for a larger image)

The pics aren't great due to the rotten weather, but I hope you like them. I'm certainly very pleased. My earlier efforts ( took about 4-5 hours each in total, whereas this latest batch took about 2 hours for each figure.

Key elements were painted as follows
Uniform - GW Charadon Granite, Foundry Drab Shade, Foundry Drab shade/mid mix
Webbing - GW Khemri Brown, GW Kommando Khaki, GW Bleached Bone
Puttees - As uniform or with a highlight of Foundry Moss mid
Rifle - GW Scorched Brown, GW Scorched/Vermin Brown mix, GW Boltgun Metal
Leather straps/holsters - Foundry Tan shade then Tan mid
Helmet - Foundry Forest Green shade then light drybrush of Forest Green mid

More on the way!


Unknown said...

wow, splendid.
Much, much better than mine.

Matt said...

Thanks! You're too kind. It really is just a lot of practice ... and asking really good painters for advice.

Anonymous said...

great picture. I liked it.
wow gold