Friday, 12 June 2009

The Great War

First off, apologies for the recent lack of posts - have been moving house, etc.

A proper post about what I've been doing is being drafted but I just wanted to quickly blog about an exciting event that I'll be attending soon. All quiet on the Evesham Front

My attention has rather switched to World War One after painting far too many Celts, but my own WW1 collection is rather small and decidely lacking in paint. However those splendid chaps at Gripping Beast HQ have agreed to lend me an army for the day.

More news to follow soon.


Simeon Pilgrim said...

Moving house, is that again? I'm sure your last post like months ago was a moving house post also...

Anyway nice to hear your still alive, I was cursing some of your code at work last week, and we all wondered how you were doing.

Sounds like your alive and kicking, if you have time for you man dolls. ;-P

Anonymous said...

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