Friday, 6 March 2009

Best laid plans ... ?

As I type I should, in fact, be on my way to the far frozen north of England for weekend of fun, friends and wargaming. But alas things have not exactly gone according to plan. Both my little'uns came home from school yesterday feeling under the weather. By late evening they were both definitely unwell... much coughing and chundering, high temps, ear-ache, snot, etc. Oh dear. Poor little monkeys.

So at almost the very last minute we've had to abandon our plans. Pity really because my children were really looking forward to it also. I've told them if they're well enough on Sunday afternoon then we'll head to the cinema.

As for Jim's AoC HRE, well they'll just have to wait a bit longer for a good drubbing at the hands of my trusty HYW English. ;-) Since neither myself or Jim have played in ages the delay will give us some more time to read the rules.

Normal service will be resumed shortly... I hope!

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