Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Dipped British and French Napoleonics Experiment

I've been wondering for some time whether the dip method would work for Napoleonics, especially with their bright uniforms, colourful facings, etc. I finally gave in and slopped the dip over a couple of figures that had been given a basic, tidy paint job. I'm quite pleased with the results, have a look for yourself and tell me what you think.

Dipped British and French
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Say fromage!

Dipped British and French
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Dipped British and French
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Dipped British and French
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The paint scheme was kept fairly basic (as it should be for dipping) with mostly GW paints but I did spend a few minutes black-lining the white belts as I really wanted these to stand out. Freshly pipe-clayed white cross belts are so characteristic of these troops. Might try some without this extra step. One point worth mentioning is that the black areas need a good dry-brush with grey. I only gave them a very quick light dry-brush and it doesn't really show, leaving the black areas without any shade/highlight.

After the dip was thoroughly dry (24hrs) I gave them a quick spray with Testors. I hear that the Army Painter anti-shine spray is good too.

I used the Strong Tone dip on these figures. The white has turned out a little too brown, but hey, limited personal hygiene and the rigours of campaign might render them rather grubby? The blues and reds are good. The Soft Tone might work better on white but not so good on the red/blue. I'm certainly not spending another £18 to test this theory. I think the Strong Tone is fine, but in future I'll apply a little less on the white areas.


GuitarheroAndy said...

They look great! If I was doing 28mm naps and wanted to field lots it's the only way to go to get 'em done quickly. En masse, they'd look fab.

BTW, the 'brown' effect on the white trousers is fine, I think. I agree about the black areas - I always highlight or drybrush grey!!

Matt said...

Thanks Andy! Also, delighted to note that my humble blog has made your own blog list.

Anonymous said...

Nice image. I liked it.
wow gold

The Young Wargamer said...

Very interesting hoping to get this effect next week.