Tuesday, 20 January 2009

A Quick Update

First post of the New Year ... so here's to a very happy one for all!

Well the recent hols were something of a gaming disaster with absolutely nothing getting done whatsoever. Best not dwelt upon really as it was not exactly a good time - oh well.

Anyway ...

I have managed to get painting again recently and my next unit of 15 Legion are coming along very well. If I really push myself then I should get them complete in about 2-3 weeks. Then I'll have a full 1,000pts of EIR, plus some hairy barbarian support in the form of skirmishers and war hounds. These figures will then go on to form the start of my Ancient British horde. I ordered the 3 box offer from Warlord back in December but the delivery was delayed. Should get them by the end of the month.

I would have posted some pics of my most recently completed batch of EIR but my digital camera has finally given up. It was nearly 7 years old (an Olympus C40Z, one of the first ever 4MP cameras!) so didn't really owe me anything, pity though as it used to take such good pictures - especially of toy soldiers. After much research, I have ordered a Sony cybershot H series. Ooh new toys!

I've also ordered a pack of the 'Rank and File' range of EIR from Crusader Miniatures. I like the plastic Warlord figures but they are just a bit too small compared to my Black Tree figures. Hopefully the Crusader mini's will be a little larger. Will post pics ... when I have another camera!


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