Saturday, 8 November 2008

Warlord Celts

I've been thinking about dipping figures for ages, so I thought that I really ought to purchase a tin of the stuff and give it a whirl ... here's the results ... hope you like 'em ... 'cause I do!

Dipped Warlord Celts
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Four Warlord Games Celts, replete with LBMS shield transfers, based in my usual style.

Dipped Warlord Celts
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From the right.

Dipped Warlord Celts
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Another view.

These chaps have been something of an experiment to say the least. This is my first attempt at 'dipping' and the results are quite satisfying. Here's the recipe ...

White undercoat. Then, base coat of colours - for the green and the red/brown I diluted the paint quite a bit to see if I could achieve some extra shading for free - it's worked well with the green (GW Camo Green), but less so for the red/brown. All of the colours are single coats, even the GW Chainmail for the weapons and armour. I decided that since 'dipping' is meant to be the quick way to paint figures then I should aim for optimum speed. Each figure took about 20 mins at most. Then the dip was brushed on - since this is supposed to be more economical. The dip made them look awful and far too shiny - but I had read that this would be the case and waited until applying the matt varnish before deciding whether to throw away the fiures!?

The varnish (Testors Dulcote - banned in the EU? - but other similar products are available) works wonders and I was really pleased with my efforts - especially since they were painted so quickly.

The addition of the shield transfers, plus basing them properly, made a tremendous difference. However, I have already thought of a few ways to improve things, without too much effort.

First, armour and weapons should be painted black and dry-drushed with chainmail. This will give a much better result. Second - the skin (Foundry Base Sand Highlight for these figures) would look even better with a simple highlight. I had to use the Foundry Sand colour as I have no GW flesh tones, only Foundry paints. Finally - other colours might also benefit from some very quick highlighting.

I avoided any Celtic woven patterns or tatoos as I wanted to see what the basic dipping effect would look like. Clearly, it's not as good as applying the full 3-colour technique but it's so much faster! The en-masse effect of 100-200 Celts painted in this style will outweigh the individual painting style and give a great looking army.

If you've never tried dipping then I'd heartily reccomend giving it a whirl ... you won't win any prizes but you will almost certainly end up with a decent looking army. If you love painting figures then it will be great for those groups of figures that you just want to get painted up quickly so you can play, whilst if you'd prefer to avoid painting (and do not wish to sell organs to pay for a painting service) and get on with gaming then dipping is the way to go.


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